How it works?

Each day countless businesses purchase identical products separately.
Why not do it together?
Exabid increases business efficiency
and elevates your company's bargaining power.



Use your client profile to let us know what you need. Preparing your order isn't binding in any way. In the meantime, we'll draft a preliminary contract and a sale contract. We'll sign the preliminary contract when you submit your order. The sale contract formalises your order requirements. We'll sign it when your order is accepted.



In order for the transaction to materialise, you must submit your order. You should submit the order once we've settled on a final version of the sale contract. Submitting your order involves signing the preliminary contract. This gives us 60 days to meet your requirements, backed by a down payment - more on this below.



We'll accept your order when we've reached a deal with the manufacturers that meets your requirements. Once your order is accepted, it's time to sign our sale contract. If we fail to negotiate a deal that satisfies your requirements, we'll refund your down payment.



From now on, our sale contract regulates all outstanding obligations such as payments, time and form of delivery etc. Once the formalities are taken care of, production begins. When that's done, all you have left to do is collect your products.

Count again

Purchasing fleet vehicles is a big investment. Don't leave it to habits. Strategise.

The mechanism

Keeping client relationships transparent is our priority.
We make all the effort to give our clients total insight
both into the negotiations we enagage in on their behalf,
as well as into our whole process.
No funny business.

Step by Step

1. Preparation

Let's say you're in transport business and you're planning on modernising your fleet.

Go to and register. Once you have an account, you can start placing orders.

The first step is preparing your order. We'll ask you for detailed product specifications, your maximum price and a preferred delivery timeframe. Merely preparing an order isn't binding in any way. You're just informing us what you're considering purchasing in the future.

We'll use the data you provided to create a draft of sale contract to be signed in the future, should the transaction materialise. We're not signing anything yet.

Other companies need to modernise their fleets, too - this process takes place simultaneously with many other firms.

2. Submitting your order

We group the many individual orders into few bulk ones and begin negotiating price reduction offers with the manufacturers.

At a certain stage during the negotiations, we need to know which of our clients intend to finalise their purchases. The ones that do need to submit their orders. Once you’ve submitted your order you’ll be asked to sign a preliminary contract with us. This acts to secure your firm’s commitment. This preliminary contract involves two things. First, a down payment totalling 3% of your order value. Second, your firm’s commitment to sign the sale contract if we accept your order within the next 60 days. If the transaction materialises, this down payment will be deducted from the final sale price. If Exabid fails to meet your requirements within 60 days from when you’ve signed the Preliminary Contract, the down payment will be refunded. The down payment will not be refunded only in case Exabid accepts your order and you fail to sign the Sale Contract.

3. Order accepted

We accept all orders for which we met the requirements and then sign our sale contracts with the purchasers.

We'll keep you up-to-date about how negotiations are progressing.

4. Completion

Once we've signed the contract, production begins. When that's done, all you have left to do is collect your equipment.