Fequently asked questions

What sort of products does Exabid accept orders for?

We accept orders for all types of passenger cars, delivery vans and transport vehicles with gross vehicle weight both below and above 3.5 tonnes.

How do I place an order?

We only accept orders from registered clients. Go to exabid.com and click Register to set up an account.

What sort of product specifications must I submit when preparing an order?

The best way to submit your product specifications is by attaching a .pdf file generated by your manufacturer's configurator.

Is preparing an order binding?

No, merely preparing an order isn't binding in any way. You're simply planning your potential future purchase. We'll use this information to prepare a draft of sale contract to be signed only if the entire transaction materialises.

This sale contract formally spells out all the order requirements you command us to meet.

But we're not signing anything yet. Only when you submit your order are you committed to signing the sale contract if we accepy your order.

What's involved in submitting an order?

By submitting an order you're committing yourself to signing our sale contract and purchasing the goods specified, should we meet your requirements and accept your order.

Submitting an order involves signing a preliminary contract. This preliminary contract regulates two matters. First, it requires our clients to make a down payment totalling 3% of their order value. Second, it requires our clients to sign the sale contract if their order becomes accepted within the next 60 days. This 60-day period begins on the day the preliminary contract was signed.

If we fail to accept your order within the 60-day period, the down payment you made will be refunded and your order automatically returned to preparation stage. If the entire transaction materialises, the down payment will be deducted from the final sale price (i.e. the down payment is counted towards the final transaction price). You will only lose your down payment if your order becomes accepted and you fail to sign the sale contract.

Why does Exabid require signing a preliminary contract?

At a certain stage during our negotiations with the manufacturers, we need to specify which clients intend to finalise their purchases. The down payment, together with the 60-day acceptance window involved in the preliminary contract, act to secure your commitment to sign our sale contract once summoned.

Can I cancel my order once it's been submitted?

Once you've submitted your order, you cannot cancel your order until we've reached a decision about accepting or rejecting your order. We have 60 days to reach this decision. If we accept your order and you fail to sign our sale contract, your down payment will not be refunded.

How do I know when my order will be accepted?

It's not our intention to startle our clients. We'll keep you up-to-date at all times about the progress we're making with negotiating the terms of your order. We'll contact you via the client profile, email and telephone when we're nearing a decision.

Does Exabid allow for orders to be financed through leasing?

Yes. We moreover offer our clients help in securing their financing, should they require such assistance.

Does a client formally buy the products from Exabid or from the manufacturer?

Formally speaking, Exabid is the party to the contract, not the manufacturer.

Is Exabid going to negotiate the maximum price stated in the order with the client if the price is lower than what Exabid managed to negotiate with the manufacturers?

No, all negotiations with clients take place during the preparation stage, before the order is submitted. If Exabid fails to meet your order requirements within 60 days of your signing the preliminary contract, your down payment will be refunded and your order automatically returned to preparation stage.

Is Exabid group buying?

Yes, in its purest form. It's worth noting, however, that we have little in common with discount portals so often mistaken for collective purchasing services.

Is Exabid an online shop?

No, we do not offer to sell products we have on stock, nor do we design or manufacture the products we offer. All sales we make are regulated by sale contracts.

Does Exabid operate internationally?

For now, only companies registered in Poland can place orders with us. We plan to spread our reach in the future..