Each day companies buy separately. Try buying together.

What we do

Exabid helps businesses optimise equipment investment costs.

Our expertise lies in trading high-margin specialist equipment, predominantly within the transport and construction sectors.

What we offer, in simplest terms, is an increase in buyers' bargaining power.

How it works


At Exabid our mission is to realise the idea of collective buying. We demonstrate how grouping indiviudal orders into bulks enables all companies to purchase on terms otherwise enjoyed exclusively by the industry's largest.

We are committed to our clients only. We do not act on the behalf of any manufacturer. What we buy and from whom depends solely on our clients' instructions.

We operate across a variety of sectors because we know that although companies differ in what they buy, the very process of buying remains similar.

Our Team

Why Exabid?

We offer the equipment your company needs, on more lucrative terms.

We save your time. No matter how varied the products your business may require, you only ever need to speak with us - not with the many manufacturers at once.

We offer absolute transparency of negotiations because we act with the sole interest of our clients in mind.

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Strategic action is the cornerstone of your company's success.

Grow strong with Exabid.
How it works



Log in to your company profile and let us know what it is your business needs. We'll ask you for detailed product specifications, your maximum price and preferred delivery timeframe.



We analyse requests for relevant similarities and then group as optimally as possible the many individual orders into few bulk ones.



We meet with manufacturers to discuss bulk price reduction offers. Owing to the scale and volume of transations, we're able to achieve superior sale terms for our clients.



Once the formalities are taken care of, production starts. When that's done, the only thing left to do is pick up the equipment and keep your business thriving.


Keeping your fleet up-to-date is imperative to your company’s success in the contemporary market. Improving your bargaining power in dealings with hardware manufacturers is key to securing the prosperity of your business. The solution we offer is simple transparent. With us it’s also feasible.


Our single starting point is your company's need. In order to meet our clients' demands comprehensively we offer multileveled support. By increasing the scale of transactions we're able to provide more lucrative terms of purchase. We also save your time by negotiating and getting the entire deal through on your behalf - from the moment we know what it is your firm needs until the goods are in your hands.

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We see about arranging and handling all negotiations so that you have the time to focus on the next big step.

We help your business maximise profits by optimising costs.

We don't argue with what you need. We simply provide it on better terms.

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